A common photo coming out of Europe and could it soon be the U.S.


Over the last years of working the terrorist threat and watching the migrant build up in Europe I have thought a lot about their coming a tipping point when the migrant population who haven’t entered their new country society explodes into violence to over throw the government.

There have been many studies on this and there is a lot on the internet about this subject and today I reviewed an article by Ian Morris on Stratfor who took an in-depth look at this area and it is worth reading. Some leaders in France including Marine Le Pen believe that this is only a matter of time and France needs to follow Britain’s vote to get out of the EU and protect their borders.

Those who believe, I subscribe to their concern, that when migrants are allowed into a country and allowed to establish their own safe havens, as if they were still in their home country, that is a receipt for disaster.

The reason for allowing migrants into your country should be to improve your country and when appropriate give safe haven to those fleeing persecution or political imprisonment. But when you allow migrants for the wrong reasons, such as political correctness from the left who in many cases want to change the type of government, then that country is headed for internal collapse.

The studies that have been done, including the one by Ian Morris, go back to the 4th century and track the same problems they had and the results which usually wasn’t good for the host country. Today is worse with the rise of terrorism and current terrorism coming from radical Islamist who are buried within the growing migrant population streaming into Europe and if some in our country have their way here also.

It seems like human nature hasn’t changed since the beginning of time. We have difficulty looking at the past and learning from it so we don’t make the same mistakes. It is without any doubt that the long term effort by those who seek to destroy us have been working on many different fronts to invade us. Some of those efforts are subtle, such as raising voices for open borders and with our borders un-protected, as the EU is experiencing now, then over time the migrant population with the criminal element embedded within grows to out of control numbers.

I think that this migration into Europe and the coming one in the US is of more danger to the host country than at any time since the 4th century. This particular migration which contains mostly people of the Islam faith is perfect cover for the stated purposes of ISIS and other groups to imbed their fighters as migrants. Anyone with an ounce of common sense, you don’t need a law enforcement background, to know if you don’t have records and history on people you can’t do a background on them.

I wonder a lot about what it is that blinds the politicians on both sides of the isle to not see the dangers so much so that they hide their heads in the sand and hope for the best and keep kicking real immigration reform down the road. I suspect it is going to take a leader who is bold enough and is not running for a second term right out of the box to be honest with the American people. Tell them what it will take and yes there will be built tightening for a while but the end results is worth the short term pain. This kind of strong leader the America people will follow.

The dangers are well laid out in studies on the internet I would hope all of us will become informed about this growing problem now and recognize what is happening to Europe before it gets out of control here and it will get out of control if the current administration has their way.

Until next time be safe.