At West Coast Detectives International we are approaching our 100 year Birthday and by the end of 2020 I was wondering what it would look like. 2020 brought many changes in how we had to approach business, but no matter what happens in the world there is still a need for Crime Prevention, Corporate Security, Intelligence Gathering, Counter Terrorism, Advance Travel Planning and all levels of due diligence to name a few of our services.

Why has WCDI survived for 100 years? The commitment by our original founder to provide exceptional Investigative and Security Services with integrity, has been carried forward as our business model through the years. We still don’t consider any case to small for us to apply the same importance to as a Multi-National company case.

From my U.S. Air Force experience in Jet Fighters, I learned the importance of Prevention, Prevention and yes Prevention. That has been our defining principal at WCDI, consider all the possible events and attempt to prevent the negatives ones.

As I think about my years in the Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Private Security area the thing that brings me the most joy and fulfillment is when a client says I can’t believe the job your team did, they pulled it off. Many will say, finally I have¬† peace of mind knowing what the facts really are.

I am looking forward to more of these comments as we continue to serve our clients worldwide.

Be safe and Blessed.

Until Next time. Phil Little