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Investigative Services

Since 1922, West Coast Detectives International has been providing Investigative and Security services. This includes Executive Protection, Surveillance, Estate & Corporate Security, Maritime Security, Logistics, and special support for Air, Sea & Land matters. WCDI has established a network of agents and services worldwide for cases that require a local and special touch.

 At WCDI, we review your specific needs and look for potential vulnerabilities so that we can perform crucial threat assessments that enable us to create a detailed and specific solution for you.


Investigative Services

  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Deep Dive Profiles
  • Domestic & International
  • Human Trafficking
  • International Money Scams
  • Backgrounds
    • Employment
    • Relationships

Corporate Due-Diligence Backgrounds

  • Osint Investigations



  • Executive Protection
  • Threat Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Events
  • Travel
  • Residential & Business Cameras & Alarms

Electronic Counter Measures

Specialized Investigative Units

SIU Deep Dive

In today’s world, criminals can hide behind their computer monitors while they terrorize individuals, businesses, corporations, and even governments.  With cybercrimes at an all-time high, WCDI offers a specialized and unique investigative tool to protect, resolve, and most importantly, prevent you from becoming a victim.

This dedicated resource can work domestically and internationally.  As many criminals operate outside of the U.S. borders, they feel protected, even invincible to capture.  It is important to know that you are hiring an agency that truly has international capabilities. WCDI has the resources, capabilities, and experience working internationally for our clients…and very successfully!

Undercover Operations

Over the last 100 years we have opened more than 200,000 cases covering the small consumer client, fortune 500 companies, television, movie studio clients, and government contracts.
From our beginning in South Los Angeles California, the small client has been just as important as the multi-national fortune 500 clients and still is today. The average consumer client case is just as important to them as a multi-million-dollar loss is to a large company.

Even though we have had thousands of similar cases each one is approached as a unique case carefully preparing an action plan specific to that case. We don’t assume anything because the case might be like others that we have worked. We are looking for the facts of this case, and the truth to report to the client.
We pioneered undercover operations for our corporate clients to find out what was going on inside their companies when they weren’t around. Our undercover unit with both male and female agents of diverse talents and ethnic backgrounds to fit into any environment. The UC unit would number over a hundred active agents with a large on call reserve.

My favorite story of the effectiveness of the use of undercover agents was when we placed an agent in the mail room of a corporate client where his reports were so important to the owner that he kept him on their staff and over the years he was promoted and moved aground the company and retired 23 years later as a vice president with the client and still a dual employee at West Coast Detectives International.

Overview of Intelligence Operations

For Our Unique Clients

West Coast Detectives International (WCDI) develops, implements, and carries out customized Intelligence Operations utilizing U.S. Intelligence, Analytical, and Tradecraft Methodologies. Our world-class operational team will employ Deep Dive Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques that scour the Internet and Dark Web for hidden information pertinent to the client’s case. This is not just a simple Google search. These are deep and extensive dives into the various aspects and layers of not only the Internet, but the “other” layers of the Internet (Dark Web, etc.), and worldwide information technology networks. Our OSINT probes also include a comprehensive and fulsome analysis of the target(s) Social Media Profile – this often leads to the collection of important tidbits of information that help us build a more complete picture of the target(s) so that we can achieve our client’s goals. agency that truly has international capabilities. WCDI has the resources, capabilities, and experience working internationally for our clients…and very successfully!

We then combine the intelligence we have collected during the OSINT phase with the information initially supplied by the Client and we build an Intelligence Target Package that provides a comprehensive overview of the target(s). This Intelligence Target Package is very similar to the target packages and profiles that members of WCDI’s operational team built during their careers with the CIA, FBI, and Special Operations Forces (SOF). The Intelligence Target Package is the critical first step in all WCDI Intelligence Operations that we undertake for our clients – this lays the foundational stone for everything else we do after. The vast majority of other security/intelligence companies stop at this phase – they never go any farther for their clients. This is just the first phase for WCDI.

Our inner core of veteran CIA and other former Intelligence officers then exploits the Intelligence Target Package to execute Human Intelligence Operations (HUMINT) to gather additional intelligence to further the Client’s objectives. These HUMINT operations may include discreet approaches to elicit information of interest from the target utilizing fully backstopped commercial cover. This illustrates our commitment to only run top-tier Intelligence Operations that adhere to U.S. Intelligence and WCDI standards of tradecraft and operational security.

This is just a taste of our capabilities anywhere in the world and no matter where your problem is, we have more likely been there before.

I can be reached at 1-818-262-1312 any time day or night for a discreet conversation about your need and our abilities.

-Phil Little

SIU Human Trafficking Team

WCDI has a unique and dedicated team of former Law Enforcement & Government assets that specialize in locating and retrieving kidnapped American children and those who have been forced into the prostitution and Human “Sex” Trafficking industry.

The SIUHT team is capable of operating domestically and internationally.

 If you would like more information on this, please contact us.

SIU Financial Scam Team

The world is full of those who want to steal your money. They hide behind the Internet and create what appears to be a real opportunity to cash in. We have seen these scams, the Nigerian scam, the money order/wire transfer, the lost ID, and more recently the gold and diamond scams.

Initiating Your Case

West Coast Detectives is ready to serve you.  Contact us with your specific needs and we will develop an Action Plan that will allow us to provide the facts to you in the most cost effective way.  We are equipped to meet short deadlines for time sensitive cases.