My first experience in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia came after 9-11 as I started with security and counter terrorism in the country and with Saudi Aramco. My first office in Riyadh was at one of the Nayef family companies and I learned a lot about Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, pictured above. My respect for him as a caring man grew as I watch his compassion for his fellow countryman and wiling to give them every chance to change and turn from radicalism. I also saw a man who would, when they violated his trust, strike decisive and quick to stamp out terrorism.

In those years as I watched him take control of the fight to stamp out terrorism in Saudi and become one of Americas best allies in the fight against terrorist. Prince bin Nayef was schooled in the states and has a good understanding of the West. As I watched him doing those years and with the friends I made in Riyadh and I was telling them that Prince bin Nayef would in the future be King and it would be good for the country.

It is was interesting to watch his rise to power with his uncle King Abdullah who was of another tribe. He was a favorite nephew of the King and when in 2004 it became apparent to the Saudis that they were the prime target of the terrorist, he turned to Prince bin Nayef to lead the fight to stop them. And stop them he did. But even with the many attempts on his life, thank God they all failed, he kept his compassion side and would even place him self in danger to try to convince a young radical to repent.

As I talked about what I saw for Prince bin Nayef in the future many in Saudi felt I was wrong, that he was to young and he would be passed over. As I learned how King Abdullah was grooming him for the future I felt strongly that something would happen to bring it about. I must admit I didn’t see his elevation coming about as it did with the current King, but the saying rings true here, God works in mysterious ways his Wonders to behold.

My take on my years in Saudi and the Gulf is that the future King bin Nayef will be great for Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and the West. He will be a King who understands the world and one who will be a decisive leader when action is required to not only protect his country but for freedom every where.

We live in time when in days we can see changes where decades ago would take years to accomplish. Hopefully America will find leadership to lead the world to peace through being strong and prepared.

Until next time Be Safe