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Ghana Diamond Scam

The world is full of those who want to steal your money. They hide behind the Internet and create what appears to be a real opportunity to cash in. We have seen these scams, the Nigerian scam, the money order/wire transfer, the lost ID, and more recently the gold and diamond scams.

New York, USA

West Coast Detectives was contacted by a group in New York who were the victims of a diamond scam based out of Ghana. They had lost 3 million dollars to date and were looking for some help.

 Their first problem was that they did not conduct proper Due Diligence on the group and the individuals involved. If they would have retained our services at the start, we could have saved them millions of dollars.

 Through our investigative services, our investigative and legal associates in Ghana we were able to obtain the scammer’s base of operation, financial information, and names of the various individuals.  Our team on the ground in Ghana, directed by Phil Little, conducted surveillance and other covert investigative activities.

 Within a few months of dedicated and intensive investigative work, we had obtained enough information to complete our report and provide it to the F.B.I.

 The F.B.I. agent assigned to the case thanked us for our work and shortly thereafter, arrests were made and prison time served when the individuals returned to the United States.

 WCDI has conducted similar operations worldwide.

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