There is a lot to watch in the world and many hot spots following is a couple:

New Guinea, There is a risk of travel to Guinea as the political situation remains unpredictable. The country has been calm since January 15 but the potential for violence persists. The U.S. Embassy is open however you should be aware that it could be forced to suspend operations at any time. If you need to ravel to New Guinea or any country on the list contact us for a survey.

Persian Gulf: Alerts have been in place since February 20th particular in Saudi Arabia. An in country warning for Americans to be cautious went out last week. As with any place you travel you should be aware and alert to the local conditions. As long as you are in the main city areas the risk is low. I spend a lot of time there and Riyadh is safer at night then Los Angeles or most large American cities. Be aware as tension mounts with the support for Israel and a possible strike on Iran the radical elements of the Iranian regime might try to target American targets in the Gulf.

A realist time line for a strike on Iran by Israel:

If you believe the experts it could be as short as 6 months to a year that Israel has before Iran has some Nuclear capability. The signs to watch for. The recent clearance and testing by the Saudis to clear Israel jets through their air space point to advanced planning by the Israelis. this would also include the rest of the Gulf states. They will follow Saudis lead. Also for an attack to be successful it would have to take out not only the nukes but the revolutionary Guard command and the top religious leaders. I believe we could see a scenario developing where there could be open support by Saudi jets. For fetched? Read the old testament.

The recent Fatwa by Saudi Arabia, the highest authority in the Muslim world, against terrorism sets the stages to blunt the fall out and possible retaliatory strikes after an Israeli attack. Take this a step further and envision an attack and then a pause, to give the regular Iranian military a chance to take control and remove the radical leadership left and restore the country to the rightful Persian leaders.

The planning going on is massive and involves many pieces of a very complicated mission crossing many countries. I think also we will see Israel and the Gulf states deal with this threat without the United States which appears to the world to be incapability of making decisions to support her friends. The U.S. is also appearing weak and without resolve with leadership that is amateurish to say the least. i will be reporting to you as situations develop.

The most important thing we can do is educate ourselves with the facts about what is going on in the world, just one of us can still make a difference if we become informed and then let our voices be heard to our elected officials.

Be safe.