I just received these e-mails offering me amazing opportunities.

Thought I’d share …

Congratulations! Your e-mail has been selected as the winner of £1,500,000.00 Pounds ($2,338,957.00 USD), in a Draw Held Jan., 2011

Name.. Address.. Country.. Tel.. Occupation..

That looks like it came from a reputable business doesn’t it?

Greetings from Japan,
I write to solicit your assistance in a deal,will send details as soon as
I get your reply.
Please treat with regards.
Mr. Tsutomu Kimoto

Now why would Mr. Kimoto contact a total stranger, in another country to be a part of this deal?

Pretty ridicules right?

But, there are people of all ages, especially older people who fall victim to the sweet talking, lying scammers who just want ALL of your money.

We want to hear from you about your experiences, the more intelligence we have the more we can do to protect you.

Keep checking back for more info and tips.