How do we stop terrorism? Can we?

In reflecting on the last few weeks, yes even yesterday as the priest in France was beheaded in his church, has the world seen evil rise up so for that there is not reversal? Some might think so. The weapons don’t have to be high tech as we saw in Nice France.

As the terrorist attacks directed and encouraged by ISIS continues to grow around the world, is there any way to stop them or even slow the growth down?  Like you, I have been subjected to the constant parade of experts on TV and the radio as they are asked those very same questions.  Moreover, too many times the responses I’ve heard are more of a canned, vague answer that addresses superficial ideas on how we could respond.


Nice, France:

Attack using a low-tech weapon.

After this attack, my thoughts go back to my early days in law enforcement, the private sector, and dealing with strikes or potential riots.  The fact is, if you stood back and waited to see what would happen many times you would find yourself in an out of control riot while you’re then hoping, trying to gain back control.  This usually comes at a high cost.

I quickly learned the only effective way was to start was with a strong enforcement presence, which really is a prevention tool.  My prevention policy virtually eliminated an out-of-control situation from ever starting, or, if a situation did occur we were able to gain control quickly and preventing it from escalating further. Prevention kept the peace and the public safe.

Now, I think of the last 7 ½ years of our current administration and their systematic dismantling of preventive intelligence and law enforcement tools.  This policy has feed and allowed the rapid rise of terrorism and violence against the police and public.  After 9-11, I was part of some very new, creative, and effective preventive tools that were designed to rebuild our prevention program through human assets. The failures of pre 9-11 intelligence sharing were recognized and genuine efforts were being made to correct this failure.

Unfortunately, it did not take the Obama administration long to figure out ways to eliminate these effective tools.   The programs were discontinued at the expense of not only we Americans, but also the world.  Coupled with the withdrawal from Iraq which gave rise to ISIS and we now are reaping what has been sowed, the death of innocent children, women, and men.

I must admit that I have trouble understanding the mind and actions of those on the left. Their approach of appeasement, trying to please everyone with their political correctness, has been proven over and over through the ages to be in-effective. Yes, more then in-effective it has been down right destructive in the cost of lives and treasure.  I keep asking myself, why does the left, with so much history pointing out the madness of their approach not change?  It is clear to the common man that those who promote this philosophy truly do have hidden motives and agenda’s.  They want to develop a dependent class who will become comfortable and use to the entitlement lifestyle.  They will then respond out of a fear of losing their freebies, even though it is just common, basic needs, and they will continue to keep the left in office.

History shows that those who became prey to the left and their promises of everything free soon find themselves as slaves to their masters on the left.  I am of the belief that we Americans are smarter than this. That those who have seductively enticed many, specifically the millennial generation, by the voice of giving them free things will wake up and realize it is a trap.

I recognize from my last 40 years in battling terrorism that this current brand of terrorism is different then any in the past. There is a good article on Stratfor by Scot Stewart on “What the Cold War Can Teach Us about Jihadism. It is worth reading to gain a better understanding of the terrorism we face today.

Scott points out that both Islamic radicals and Communists support the use of violence and terrorism to promote their cause. This caused me to reflect on my Counter Terrorism work, which started in the 70’s, with the rise of the PLO and European Terrorism. As I looked back and saw the reasons behind the PLO, a Palestine homeland, and that in Europe a young elite generation were caught up in regional causes, these were backed and encouraged by the Soviet Union. Even though the Soviets were interested in a world controlled by Communism, which was not the focus of their recruiting message.

Today we face an Islamic world domination plan that is not hidden. It is in plain sight for all to see and it has been around since the 5th century, and it has been exposed to the world by the establishment of the Caliphate from Iraq by al Baghdadi.  We are dealing with extremists who believe that they are called to change, some say force, the world into an Islamic government.

So how do I answer the questions that I posed at the beginning?  By advocating for aggressive prevention though increased human agent resources.  Through the covert monitoring of locations, places where the recruitment of suicide bombers takes place, and other recruits are being initiated and trained.  Then, just as importantly, the use of our military force. This includes the un-leashing of our Special Forces, SEALS, Delta Force, etc., all over them.

I have been a life long optimist but I readily admit we have a big problem and we have lost control by giving up our leadership role in the world. We are now faced with an out of control riot with thousands around the world joining against us.  It will not be easy to take back control but the alternative is not something that you or I would like to live under…Sharia law.

I think we in the West, particular our leaders, are missing one of the most important parts of destroying ISIS and that is the moderate or average Muslim who don’t really know what is in the Koran, like many Christians who don’t know the Bible. So many Muslims that I know  admit they are confused by the violence but only have what their leaders say for directions and many of those are radical.

Along with the intelligence and military we need to start a world wide education approach to giving the non violent Muslim a voice and help them rise up to fight this battle. Also we need a new approach to gaining the support of the Muslim governments who want to stop ISIS, but to do that we need a strong leader in Washington that will take us back to world leadership, The Muslim countries will follow strong leadership.

Why is this election so important? For the simple reason that we must have a Commander-in-Chief who understands the real problem that we are faced with today, and who will use all of the preventive tools in our toolbox to eliminate them. It is a big tool box!!!

Until next time Be Safe