I have watched with interest the moves to ban the private ownership of handguns and ultimately of all guns over the last 30 years. I have noted that these moves come from the left and that is a fact not a political statement, and have wondered why. I recently was talking to a friend about the President’s current push in the aftermath of the San Bernardino terrorist attack and a light bulb came on in my head.

First I am a supporter of gun safety and having rules to keep guns from criminals and the mentally unstable. I also acknowledge that many on the left who voice support for the calls to ban guns are not doing so with a motive to change our form of government, but are just listening to those who lead their party and are not themselves doing the research which tears holes in the lefts reasoning or arguments on the banning of guns.

My Light Bulb:

My thoughts went back to the old Soviet Union and its leaders of the 60’s and 70’s and their view on how to take over America. In my early days in the Intelligence World information and statements by the Soviet Union’s leaders showed how they thought they could take over America. Their statements were, we will take America over without firing a shot, we will bring them down from within. Their agenda was broad.

At the top of the agenda was the thinking, which came from informants ie. Spies, that first America must be disarmed. As long as the Second Amendment was in force it would never  happen, armed citizens with the ability to protect themselves could never be over thrown either from within or without. This agenda was coming from the left who were Socialist, Marxist, communist ect  those who supported a government ran by a few rather then the people.

Just think for a minute about the history of the gun ban movement. What is the roots of the movement and what is the movements  leaders  political view of government. If we trace the leaders on the left, who identify with the democratic party, who have kept the Soviet Unions thinking alive it has been those who support a socialist or government ran by a few.

The political thinking, training and actions of the current administration don’t leave to the imagination what their political view is and that government control should be in the hands of a few. Think about the reasons for wanting to take away the right for citizens to own guns. To many guns kill people, you might have your gun taken from you, you don’t know how to use one and the biggest of all lies is that where there is more guns it does not deter crime. That Myth is belied by all the facts not only by the crime reports but by former criminals who say they avoid places where the citizens had concealed carry permits and higher gun ownership.

It is unthinkable for an administration to high jack the fight against terrorist or illegal immigration to promote a political agenda, which is to disarm American citizens. Or to blame the gun for the illegal who shot Katie Steinle in San Francisco and not the corrupt polices of San Francisco and the administration which allows it to continue.

In discussions with many of my democratic friends when they are pressed for why they support the moves to take away our 2nd amendment rights they flounder around with their reasons. In the end they admit they haven’t done any research but are listening to the party leaders.  That kind of disengagement by members of either party is a death quell for our American way of life.

I submit to you that the administrations move to divert every violent act as being the problem of too many guns is not their concern about saving lives but about changing our way of life.  If we go back to a pre Hitler Germany you would find an armed Germany. One of the first things Hitler did was to take way the guns from the citizens and we know the results.

We can’t say we were not told for many thousands across this nation are raising the warning. Now it is up to us will we act as Americans not Republicans, Democratic or Independents and stand up even to our own party and say NEVER NO NEVER WILL WE ALLOW OUR 2ND AMENDMENT TO BE DESTROYED.

Let the cry that came from the brave Americans on United Flight 93 over Pennsylvania, LETS ROLL, ring from us as we take on those who like the terrorist on flight 93 want to destroy our way of life.

A lot more could be said on the background of the anti-gun movement I hope this gets you to thinking, lets spread the word.

Until Nest Time: Be Safe