As the case against the scammers we’ve identified moves into its final stages, we’ve been contacted by many individuals who have been a victim of one type of scam or another.  Gold, Diamonds, Counterfeit money, 20K to several hundred thousand and more.

Over the past few weeks, I alone have received over twenty email solicitations from various types of scammers. They send out thousands of emails hoping for those few who will take the bait, offers of large amounts of money, and like the professional fisherman, they get them on the hook and steal as much as possible.

Remember, if a deal is too good to be true, IT IS!!! If they’re makng an exception just for you …THEY”RE NOT!!!

They have one goal, take as much money from you as possible! The scammers believe that they are safe and secure because they are operating in another country and in cities like Ghana or Nigeria. BUT, what they are now discovering is that there are people out there who will fight back. That there are police and government officials that they can’t pay off and who will go after them.

These type of cases take time to investigate. The officials in these governments do not operate on Western time frames. Everything takes a little or a lot longer to do.

Recently some U.S. officials told us that we figured out how the system works and how to get response from local and other officials. When you do things right from the start, develop your case, present the results to the right officials, work with them, and above all … BE PATIENT … good things can happen.

We still want to hear from any one out there who has been a victim of a scam or similiar crime.

Unil next time … Be safe and always protect yourself.