Ghana Scam Alert

From the President

Hello, I’m Phil Little, President and CEO West Coast Detectives Int’l and I want to personally welcome you to our web site. For the last 88 years we have been providing investigative solutions for our clients, in the U.S. and worldwide. Recently we were retained to help a U.S. based group identify a criminal enterprise and recover their multi-million dollar loss from a fraudulent diamond purchase in Ghana. Our investigation has to date, accomplished almost all of our case objectives. Our investigation has identified and connected a criminal conspiracy involving individuals in the U.S., Ghana and other countries. While Ghana has become the operational base of choice for these Gold and Diamond scams, there are many levels to these crimes and they have developed an elaborate web of lies that has convinced many Americans and Europeans to believe that they are involved in a legitimate business deal. There are solutions and victims are recovering lost funds. But, this is not an easy or simple process being that the crime is based in a foreign country. But we have developed a base for prosecution and recovery of funds by working directly with the local police and American Embassy. Many think the whole country is corrupt but I can honestly report that there are many reliable professionals in the police and justice system there who hate what their country has become known for and want to stop this illegal activity and put the criminals in jail. Please review our site and if you or someone you know has become a victim, please contact us. You very well may be a victim of a suspect of one of our cases and you may be able to join our case for prosecution and recovery of assets for a minimal cost. Please contact us for more information. Thank you and I wish you a prosperous 2011.


Tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of a SCAM, or determining if you are involved in a SCAM.

  1. If you receive an unsolicited e-mail wanting your help with extracting a large sum of money.
  2. If you receive an unsolicited e-mail from a company or individual that is selling Gold and Diamonds out of Ghana, Nigeria, and other countries.
  3. The Scammer initially requests a large sum of money to purchase “product” but is willing to suddenly and dramatically lower the sum in order to build a relationship with you.
  4. The Scammer sets you up with “their” local bank in order to make it a smooth transaction.(Note: We are finding that insideof these banking institutions, the scammers have key management employees on their payroll.)
  5. The Scammer’s have bribed low level city and government employees to enhance the scam. They walk you to the front of Airport lines, Visa lines, and have a car and driver available for all of the meetings. You will never drive yourself to one of the business meetings.
  6. Many victims have traveled to the Scammers location in places like Ghana, and have been taken through a “dog and pony” show in order to seal the deal.
  7. The victim is shown samples of real product but never leaves the country with it.
  8. The Scammers use their own people who pose as specialists to certify the quality and content of the items.
  9. When you arrive to make the purchase, the items were already sold.