Abu Bakr al Baghad

Free world enemy No. 1

I am getting lots of questions about my view on what is going on in world terrorism. A lot has changed since my entry, in 1976, in Northern Israel and Southern Lebanon.

The focus then was on the Middle East region with a reason being carving out a Palestinian Homeland. What was ironic at the time none of the Arab countries wanted the Palestinians  on their territory so they were out in southern Lebanon and from there launching attacks  on Israel.

Terrorism has been around since the beginning of time and in my first book, Hostile Intent, I investigated and tracked terrorism about to its original source.  A lot has changed since then for terrorism has moved from a regional to a World stage with religion being the driving force behind the terrorism we face today.

First we Westerners don’t understand the mind of the Middle East people or particular the mind of the radical Islamic Terrorist. I have many close friends in many parts of the world and being a committed Christians I still number my close friends in both the Jewish and Muslim world.

The normal Muslim does not support terrorism but the radical Islamist which number in the millions do support terrorism and the use of it to support their cause.

To understand what is driving religious terrorism we must understand where they are coming from. First I have been raised to believe in the one true living God, who is a God of Love and if He can’t bring us to Him by love then, He says go your own way. He will never force us.

We believe in the return of the Messiah who will come and set up His kingdom on this earth in the end times. That is what gives up hope and the desire to share our faith with others letting them see the God of Love in our lives and want what we have.

Now remember the Radical Islamist was raised differently. They were schooled that their God is a violent God who says it is alright to force people to accept their faith and if not they can kill them. A little different then our belief, but remember they are convinced they are right just as we are.

They also have a theory about the return of their God. It is called “The Twelve Imam Theory. They believe if they start a war, not defend against one this is very important, to destroy Israel then the 12 Imam will come out of the cave and help them destroy Israel and set up a world Islamic government.

They really believe this. The radical leaders in Iran believe this, the leaders of Hezbollah believes this and I could on and on with a large group of those in power who believe this. Now fast forward to the current Iran pact and no one who knows thinks for a minute if the radicals in Iran get a Nuke, they will use it to start the war the Twelve Imam will come to help them win.  Those who think they can change them should think about us and our religious belief, can someone come along and say stop believing like you do. Those real believers would say no.

The next phase started when our current administration pulled all the troops out of Iraq and left the vacuum for ISIS to rise and rise it has. With the mandate of the Twelve Imam we are being propelled toward a global count down that will make all the wars before us look like the B team.

Now comes Abu Bakr al Baghad who is not some low level nut case but a student of Islam with degrees in the study of the Muslim faith. He is a devote believer in the faith and the Twelve Imam. For those in our administration who believe, if we could only set down  with him we could show him a better way. Perhaps help him find a new career path, a new job some government assistance and we could all just live happily every after.

This would be laughable if the administration didn’t believe it from the president on down.

The current terrorism we are facing is about a war to the finish with the winner ruling the world. We have a decision to make, live as free citizens with the ability to choose who we want to believe in or live in a 5th century slavery. Where woman are property with no rights and men must tow the party line. I don’t know about you but I Choose to be free.

The next big test for America will be in the election next year and who we elect. There isn’t much hope that the current administration will change we just have to make it until next year.

Until Next time be safe and Keep the Faith.