We just got the word from President Obama. Climate change is a higher priority then terrorism. Really?




Since my past post after the Paris attacks I have gotten calls from all over the world asking “How Can I Help” what you are doing to informed the public. We are watching a political display by the countries of the world even from those who are taking the fight to ISIS.

One example of that is France with the French President talking a hard line and taking action against ISIS but not willing to look at the real problem within his own country. That problem is allowing people to migrate to France without being integrated into the French population and live in segregated communities.

This happens so much with the left leaning governments, or the political correct ones, let the strangers in but keep them away from me. The results in France and across Europe is millions living in poverty stricken ghettos without jobs or hope. Instead of buying into the French cultural, language and way of life out of desperation they attempt to bring their own cultural into France.  The battle then begins.

These ghettos become havens for the recruitment of young people without hope leaving an older generation in the ghettos with no interest in helping the police prevent or investigative crime. In fact these ghettos are so bad that the police try to avoid them and when they have to go in they go with massive force and leave a disaster behind them. It has been a revolving circle for years and if it is not changed it will lead to a crumbling of the fabric of the societies of Europe, particular France.

To attack this problem action has to first be taken to stop the influx of immigrants until controls are in place. That is the same with our immigration problem here. Since there hasn’t been the political will by either party to fix the border and stop the influx we will not be able to change the immigration rules so we know who is entering the country.

So like Europe we keeping sliding down the hill toward the abyss where we will see our own society crumble. What can we really do when whatever changes are will be pain for all of us. Most of us are demanding something be done “but don’t let it affect me”.  That attitude has kept the politicians from doing their job since they react to what their voters want.  We won’t see change or hope for a future for our children and grand children until “we the people” are willing to sacrifice in the short term for long term stability.

What could that short term sacrifice look like. One thing might belt tighten with our expenses and cutting back on things as the country gets back in control of the debt and cuts expenses. Another might be the elimination of some programs that are not working or too costly. Another might be the eliminations of government jobs in the areas where there is over lapping or excess. The list could go on.

Why this is not done is because we don’t really think our way of life will chance even after the 08-09 melt down. Our memories are so short as we see some of the same reasons for that melt down starting back again. The worst has been the government, with the current administration bent on moving to a more socialist  form of government, touting the European model. They fail to tell us, as my friends in Europe do, that it has been a disaster for Europe and why so many want to come to America.

My friends in Europe say what is wrong with you Americans, your country is the last hope for being able to have a future and you are throwing it away. LEARN FROM US AND STOP THE MADNESS WHILE YOU CAN. Learning from the mistakes of others is one of the hardest things to do and we are guilty as charged.

What is learning from the past? It is looking at past problems and seeing how they were solved or if the solutions make the problem worst.  If we see solution that failed and we are thinking of trying them again stop, don’t try something that has been tried and doesn’t work.

If anyone does a surface look at the world we are living in now, from 40 years ago we can see the decline of the fabric of our country and world. It is history being relived as we see the moral decay and the political left think they know more then God and that they are smarter than those who lived centuries ago. They are so much smarter they will make what has always failed in the past work this time.


With all this is there hope? I believe there is but it is not with governments or politicians. You might ask how can I make a difference. That is a great question and let me give an example. Back in the early 80’s there was a move by the ACLU and the left to eliminate the intelligence gathering unit (PDID) from the Los Angeles Police Department. They used the same tact’s used before them and still used now. The police are spying on the public and we can’t trust them with preventive tools. The left is vocal and invaded city council meetings with speakers denouncing the unit. When I talked to a council member he said the only people coming in to talk about it are those who want to destroy the unit, where are you people who want to keep the unit for all of our security.

He was right so a few of us came together and formed a citizens committee and called press conferences and went to council meetings. How we make a difference was not just one but soon we were thousands around Los Angeles and at the end of the day we kept LAPS intelligence and it has over the years stopped numerous attacks on Los Angeles.  That model is the only answer for the situation we find ourselves in now.

As was done in Europe in the 80’s we need to do here. Send a message to our politicians either return to protecting the people by a strong military and preventive law enforcement nationally, or we will put people in office who will.  We must eliminating political correctness and politics as usual, call the current terrorism for what it is, Islamic terrorism. By taking all the steps necessary to stop this attack on our societies including closing our borders to illegal entry.

The message to Washington needs to be. Take these actions now and return to a constitutional rule of law and this includes from the president on down or we the people will clean house.

Look for ways in your community how you can get involved and be a help to informing others. Let me know what you are doing as we look to raise a national voice before the next election.

Until next time be safe.