President Bashar al-Assad of Syria



Read my take on why I made the above bold assertion.

I have been thinking about what I have seen and learned from being involved in ground operations in the Middle East since 1975. I  have seen the mistakes made by not only our state department but countries in the West as they have dealt with Syria. In my opinion these miss-steps have driven Syria from wanting to be in the West Camp into the East Camp. What do I mean by that?

Syria was traditionally leaning toward the West but Bashar’s father, Hafez, who was President prior to his death was a master at playing the West against the East. Hafez as President of a small country wanted to be a player and involved in the decision making of the region. To have that role he had to create controversies to stay on the front page so he made friends with the Soviet Union as a bargaining chip.  This is where the U.S. and the West blew it.

Our foreign policy took the old saying speak softly, and have some carrots, but carry a big stick.  It left out the carrots and used only the big stick and no  incentives for Syria to swing fully to the West.  So with our wonder boy state department we made sure that the soviets, now Russia, gained a permanent foot hold and sway over Syria.

Lets think about how critical Syria is. First it is on Israels and Lebanon’s northern border and is the life blood of Hezbollah who is Iran’s vehicle to strike Israel as well as keep Hamas in arms and support to attack Israel.  Think what would happen if we could pull Syria our way, we could cut off the flow to the two terrorist groups poised to throw the Middle East into a regional war which could go global.


First what are the possible outcomes if Bashar gets over thrown in Syria. Does anyone think the result will be any different then Libya, or any of the countries that the Muslim Brotherhood had a hand in over throwing. Our President and government had a hand in helping the Muslim Brotherhood over throw the governemnt in Egypt how did that work out for freedom. The only reason that Egypt is on the track to freedom is because Morsi moved to fast to take the country into slavery and the Military was still in a position to respond to the will of the people.

I could go on and on with other effort to remove an undesirable but only to replace them with something worst. If we keep this course up in Syria the result will be the same. Radical Islamic Terrorist will wind up with a stronger base to attack Israel and propel the world to war.

If I were President I would have a plan. Yes Bashar had taken a hard line and thousands have died. I watched Bashar when he was young, trained as a Doctor and was a physician prior to going to London for advanced studies. he had no intention of entering politics but when his brother was killed he was  persuaded by his father to come back to Syria. Bashar is not an evil man and was trained to save lives not take them. Events have over whelmed him.

I would invite him to a one on one meeting, say in a ship off the coast of Syria, and I would work to come up with a plan which would bring a unity governemnt with him coming into the West Camp cutting ties with Iran and Russia and cutting off Hezbollah and Hamas.  Keep in mind just as in Iraq or anywhere else you don’t have a vote in a country and then they have a democracy. How did it work out for the Palestinian people voting in Hamas. We need to get that through the thick skulls in Washington. All of the Islamic groups trying to overthrow the governemnt have to be eliminated and a secular governemnt needs to be in place. That has been the case in Syria, Egypt and other places. That is the only hope for a future Syria.

There are a lot more points to what I would do but that is not for print in this blog. Keep in Mind behind all of this evil  is the radical Muslim Brotherhood who likes to hide behind their humanitarian efforts to make them seem moderate. Don’t be deceived.

Some might say this idea is hair brain, but with the state of the world we need some one to step up and take bold moves to help ensure a future for all of us. Where is a “Reagan” when we need him.

Let me know what you think.

Until next time be safe.