This photo is the cry of the French people enough is enough. They did in 1986 now is time for them an we the people in America to rise up and demand our politicians take the right actions and do it quickly.

THE ONLY HOPE TO STOP ISIL IS WE THE PEOPLE.  Learning from past history.

I am sadden at the death and destruction in Paris and at the same time alarmed that our president is on another planet from us. If this attack, with France on high alert, doesn’t tell us what the world is up against nothing will. France has very good intelligence and human assets to find out what is being planned and the fact that they didn’t know points to what the terrorist have learned about not being detected.

For those of us in the middle of the fight to stop terrorism and with some knowledge of history you have to shake your head in amazement at the President of the United States saying he will not change his approached to fighting the war with Islamist extremist. Further, even though police officials are testifying that we have no way to vet the refuges coming  in he intends to let them keep coming. Blood will run on our streets.

Another amazing thing to me is the lack of knowledge of the history of terrorism on the left and in main stream reporting about how this current terrorism is different than the terrorism of the 60s, 70s and 80’s in Europe. Since the reason for the current terrorism is different than measures to fight it has to be different then the past.

When I first became exposed to world terrorism in the 70s it was more regional and had the purpose of trying to pull down democratic governments and  establish totalitarian/communist governments. They were using the slogans of today, share the wealth, take the down the rich and power to the people. Just as today, those are just words,  when those using those slogans got in power the people were put into slavery to the government. But there was not a religious fervor/slant to the terrorism in fact they were non religious. That is the difference we face today.

As I have looked at the history of terrorism I see some patterns that have emerged. One of those is that at some point in developing their cause the terrorist go to for, they do something so evil and destructive that the citizens who were on the side lines and not involved finally said “enough” to their government. They demanded that the government taken concrete actions to destroy the terrorist and that is what happened in France in the 80’s.

Building in the 70’s blood was running deep on the streets of European cities with it being unsafe to carry on a normal life. For France it was 12 bombs in one day in 1986 that turned the tide. As we look at then and now one big difference was the terrorism of the 80’s, by leftist, was aimed more at property not people so the death toll was much less then the radical Islamic terrorist who aim at innocent people.


The situation that I talked about from the 80’s in Europe was similar to now. The governments were more responsive to their own political views, then the people, so they followed their views which allowed terrorism to grow. We see that same situation now particular in the United States with our President unwilling to take action that will help to defeat the terrorist.

To bring changes in the U.S. will be difficult for the President ignores the laws, congress and the will of the people following his misguided world view in his arrogant style. It will take the American people from all sides of the political isle to bring pressure which will change policy and I am not sure the left has the will to stand up against the President. But we are at a cross road and if the democrats choose party over  keeping America safe we are in for a bloody future.

So much of our lives revolve around knowledge and understanding what is behind terrorism is one of the most important areas we need the right knowledge on. A few of those in the media are starting to talk about the religious/Zealots behind the current terrorism and the fact that we can’t just bomb them away.  It is very similar to when cancer takes over in a body and you get it in one area and it jumps to another. The same with fighting this current terrorism, we kill one leader and 15 more spring up.

We must understand that what we face is not a group of misguided people who with a little opportunity and for us to retreat from the Middle East  would suddenly make the world a safe place. In fact that would make it easier for they would get a bigger footprint of territory  and then they would come to our homeland to deal with us.  Appeasement and weakness does not work with terrorist.

Of course we must use military power to go after them but at the same time we must call it for what it is. evil from the pit of hell, and America must take a leadership role in bringing pressure to bear on moderate Muslim counties to take the lead in beating back this virus which also has them as targets.

Politics should be taken out of the fight for our survival and politicians should first learn what the problem really is and where it is coming from. Then they should consult with the best military and prevention minds empower them and get out of there way and let them do their jobs. Much more on this later.

Until next time be safe and pray for those in Paris who have lost family and friends.