Counter Terrorism has taken on a new dimension with the President himself selecting the Kill List names. Can we trust this man with his track record of telling the truth and preserving our American way of life?

President of the Kill List

He should be sweating for he has taken on the role of personally selecting the kill list and in some ways Spiking the Ball as he has leaked his changing role and what a difference from the Obama running for office in 08.

Some in the media are calling this the Obama-Bush doctrine as Obama has virtually continued on with Bush’s program with the addition of Obama personally selecting the targets. What would the Liberal press be saying if Bush had done this. They would be calling for impeachment. Obama will do anything it takes to be reelected and he has said he has no problem selecting an American for the kill list. His attorney General issues secret findings and they say they can use these as giving the “American” due process, think of that the Obama dream team talks about it and decides you are a bad guy so they with their discussion have given you your day in court. Keep in mind this man is running for reelection what might he do with a second term with out any restrictions.

They have taken additional steps to classify anyone around the target zone who is military age, 15, 16 or so as combatants so they don’t count as innocent civilians killed. He also has not had a problem with using cluster bombs which has taken out innocent women and children who live nearby. He quickly released Bush’s secret memo’s around the target list but has refused to release his memo’s back and forth with the Justice Department and others. This is only the tip of the iceberg and some experts say be looking for many Obama kills between now and the election with Obama Spiking the Ball each time to show how tough he is and pro military which is a sham.

I am for aggressively going after the terrorist but I am also not interested in having a King running the U.S. and tampering with my rights. I am more comfortable with the Bush approach of letting the Intelligence experts decide who should be on the kill list and not a setting president running for reelection.

I would suggest we have everything at sake this November and we have a choice of getting involving and taking back our country, while at the same time we take the fight to the terrorist where ever we find them.

The Kill List.                                Until Next time: Be Safe. Phil Little