The air campaign begins but how will it all end and when?





One of the tools in the U.S. tool box of weapons as tomahawk missiles shot from this and other ships as fighters, bombers and drones poured over the skies of Syria.



Some fighters showing off the left over pieces of the attack.

The president finally pushed by events and public opinion pulled the trigger on ISIS in Syria. His getting some Arab partners wasn’t due to his standing in  the Arab world, or a desire to be lining up with the US in a battle against other Muslims, but their survival instincts. They know all to well that they are at the top of the hit list for the self declared caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and his appointment as head of all Muslims.

But how does this all end? Who takes over the Territory that might become open from air attacks?  You cannot win this or any other war by air power alone there must be ground forces to go in and clean up the fighters hidden and waiting to resurface after the bombs stop falling. When you start a war you must have the will to win and there doesn’t appear to be that with our leadership.

Events in the Middle East and Gulf are moving very fast and can easily blow up with the countries who are more aligned with us, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Jordan finding themselves in internal fights to survive. They also know they are in the position of being on their own if they find themselves in an so called “Arab Spring” realizing that the US won’t come to their aid but as with Egypt throw them under the bus.

For the countries in the Gulf none of the options are good for them. ISIS coming from Iraq, Iran building Hezbollah in Yemen with their recent gains there and al Qaeda along with other want-a-be terrorist groups attaching them internally.

We will need to watch what the benefit to ISIS recruitment as well as their directed and Lone Wolf attacks are from this US and Arab campaign against them. If it sparks a lot of attacks at Western targets then that could change the desire for Washington to stay our of ground forces forcing them to reconsider.

I heard a news caster bring up what I purposed in my blog about bringing Syria and Assad back into the US camp. She reminded the group, when some thought how bad that would be, that the US linked with Stalin who makes Bashar Assad look like a choir boy, to win the second world war.

It is time for bold action on the part of some fearless leader to step out and go agaisnt the political correctness of the world order. If someone doesn’t then we will see the start of more states falling into the Islamic state camp and spiral of brutality and evil spreading to engulf the world. I wish that this was just some  farfetched ranting of some one out of touch with the world.

Now more then ever we all need to become informed about what really is going and let our voices be heard, time is going to run out for us.

Until next time Be Safe.