The Middle East: 

My opinion? Its complicated!!!



Over the last five years under the current administration the world view of the United States has changed dramatically and not for the better. First I must say the problems of the Middle East are not all due to the current administration but started 50 years ago with misguided foreign policy decision that have been accelerated by the current group in Washington.

I was talking to an old friend and associate from my time on the ground in Europe who is Syrian and he was venting like I had never heard. His first words were, “Your Muslim President”  and he went on to lay out his case for the Presidents actions that have led to the continuing violence in Syria. He being of the Christian Minority in Syria, he lives in France now and is a French citizen, said yes Assad has had controls on many things but he protected the minorities and allowed them to live and practice their beliefs freely. He said that what Obama and many those support is, jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. He went on to say that it is obvious to those in Europe that Obama is supporting the Muslim Brother Hood and its policy of trying to over throw governments and return to a religious form of government which is ruled by Sharia law.

His  view is that if the Muslim Brother hood wins in Syria they will try the same thing the Brother Hood tried in Egypt, which Thank God has been stopped. His statement was how does the American people elected such leaders who are out to changed the very fabric of American and the world.  Good Question. My take on that is: We are so busy with our lives of luxury and to much self indulgence to take the time to become informed about what is going on in the world, how it affects us here and what the right course should be. Then to take the time to study the candidates and vote for those who reflect the values of what America stands for. THERE IS STILL TIME AMERICA.

Nert time we will look at Egypt and what is at stake for us there.  

Be safe:  Phil