Obama does it again: I MAKE THIS PROMISE

Will he keep this one, my sources in the Gulf think it is very long odds that he will. 

Secretary of State John Kerry met with King Abdullah and tried to do some rebuilding of the relationship by telling the King how important Saudi Arabia is to the U.S. and the region, and that they are the senior player with Egypt being on the sideline. Kerry went to great lengths to try and reinforce how committed to the Gulf President Obama is and to make the point he put President Obama on the line by making the point that President Obama makes the promise that he will not let the Iranians get a nuclear bomb and this time he means it!! 

Is that like the promise he make to the American public that they could keep their health care and doctor if they liked it? But he really didn’t mean it that everyone could. Or is it like the red line on Syria that he really didn’t do?

This promise was met with a lot of doubt and in fact they realize they will have to have a lot more resolve to protect themselves from Iran even if it means even closer ties and alliances with Israel.

The Saudis and other Gulf countries found they could pull the strings of the American administration and see them come running with hat in hand, to them this shows weakness, not strength. They would prefer an administration who took them to task on issues but who was consistent on Iran and the radicals. 

This “Promise” from President Obama ran off as more political talk and was received as it was probably meant to be political soothing. But it didn’t work.

It is hard for many to understand that the world wants an America who is strong militarily and that their promises will be kept and if needed they will come to aid of their friends and allies.

The end of this story is being written every day. Stay tuned to the world.

Until next time be safe.

Phil Little