I started in learning about terrorism in 1975, see my first book “Hostile Intent” which follows my search for the source of terrorism. Over the last 38 years I have seen terrorism grow from a supposed effort to achieve a Palestinian home land to a world destroying force. 

Terrorism has been around since the beginning of time but with this modern day terrorism and the tools they have it could launch us to a 3rd world war. This war would be beyond anything we can imagine. How have we gone from attacks in an isolated region to a full scale assault to control the world.

I believe one of factors is a lack of real understanding how you deal with really violent people.  Factors: Political correctness due to the position of the left which feels if we just be nice to them they will respond in kind. This reasoning has been taken to new heights by the current president who feels if we belittle ourselves, stop being the leader in the world and just follow if will be a better world. The big problem with that thought is it has never worked in history.

The real result of that leadership is; we are seen as weak by enemy and friend and our enemies are embolden and our friends look for someone who will stand with them. We will in time become of no effect in the world, put on the side lines to watch the world implode.

My friends and associates around the world including in the Arab world were excited about Obama being elected in 2008, they saw hope. Then a year later the same people were saying to me, “What did you people do by electing him”. With our actions in Egypt, Syria and the unforgivable decision not to come to the aid of our people under attack in Benghazi  and other places our friends are in panic working to protect themselves. They now see that with these recent events, the U.S. they thought who would always stand with them won’t be there.

I am an optimist but must admit I have been stretched the last 4 years to believe we can still turn the ship of state around and stop our decline and rise up and destroy the evil of terrorism.

Many of you know my involvement in the Arabian Gulf and my knowledge of what the Saudi’s have done to defeat terrorism. Lets learn from them and do the same here and around the world. It is time to became a leader again.

Lets wipe this kind of picture from the world:

Until next time, Be Safe