Paris France My favorite City

I just returned from Europe where I had a chance to see what was going on with the threat of ISIL and the returning citizens who have been trained in the ISIL camps. They are taking it seriously.

We talk a lot about Europe and its socialist government approach and wonder what is wrong with them, but in fighting crime and terrorism they are more advanced then us in many ways. Many years ago a friend at the French National Police told me the best thing about having a socialist government in power was after 4 years the people saw them for what they were and kicked them out for another 50 years.

Hopefully our response will be the same in 2016 since we have had 8 years of destruction. The response of the current administration in Washington is reminiscent of the 70 and 80’s in Europe as they fought the rise of terrorism. The new socialist were in power and they thought if they were just nice and appeased all the radicals they would then like them and all would live happily ever after.

That socialist approach didn’t work out to well for the countries of Europe for the radicals took the approach of the socialist armatures who were in power as weakness and they struck with a vengeance with blood running deep on the streets of Europe. It came to a head with 12 bombs in one day in Paris in 1986 and finally the people rose up and demanded a new government and approach. A new government with the backing of the people soon stopped the terrorist. They untied the hands of law enforcement that the former naive government had put on them, without thinking about what was political correct.

The big question is “What will it take for the change needed here?” Blood of citizens running deep on our streets? I hope not.

But in fighting crime and terrorism the European agencies don’t have to deal with what is political correct they go do what needs to be done. Many of the countries have much stronger laws for the police to act on to prevent terrorist attacks then we do.

Officials in Europe are very concerned about their returning citizens who have been trained by ISIL. They are taking actions that our officials say they can’t do. They are identifying those trained. They are flagging them in their systems and pulling passports. They are running to ground all family and associates of these individuals to see if they are connected to terrorist activity. When they find any thing that might link them to terrorism they detain them until they are charged or cleared. They are not waiting for bodies in the street.

As I watch the actions coming from Washington that continue to show weakness and the miss guided policies that embolden the terrorist and expose us all to potential terrorist violence.

Lets become active before the blood is running in our streets. Lets learn from the Socialist failures of Europe and their eliminating preventive law enforcement by rising up and demanding our elected officials make the needed changes to keep us safe.

Until Next time Be Safe.