I have felt the tragedy personally as I started my law enforcement career with the San Bernadino Sheriff’s department and know the area well. It is sad to see so many of our political leaders still trying to deny that this is a Radical Islamic Terrorist Attack. The terrorist carrying out this attack made it clear who they were supporting.

I have been asked every day many times, and this morning in the bank from my manager, what can we do at this late date to stop the attacks here. Over the last days I have thought a lot about the conversations I have had with many of my Muslim friends around the world about this very question.

It has become clear to me that the reason the vast majority of Muslims who are against violence don’t come out against it is they don’t really understand their religion. One of the statements I have heard from my Muslim friends is that when they go to their Imam and ask questions they are told not to worry about it and follow what they are told. So when many hear the radical Imam preaching Jihad they believe that is what their religion is about.  For me this is the main reason most don’t condemn the violence around their religion the second is many moderate leaders have been threaten or killed.

I have watched the move from sanity to insanity, over the last 10 years or more, and the subtle way it has been accomplished. There is not one simple reason or a way to set down in a few minutes and see the whole picture of what is behind the attempt to change our way of life.

It to me is more like the brain washing of an occult where they little by little feed deception and half truths  into the subjects and over time they are believers. I also believe those that are attempting to change our way of life have different reasons they all aren’t radical “Islamism” promoters. Some are way out on the left of center who want a socialist society where the government decides everything we do and controls what we make. Whatever the motives driving those who want to change America it makes we people the slaves of government.

For now those who want a world “Islamism” government have taken center stage and is the problem that must be hit head on with everything we have.  The effort to turn around the damage done for the last 7 years will not be easy or fast. We must understand the problem and what is behind it.


To help us understand more about the Muslim faith  I recommend everyone taking time to read about Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, this is a voice that needs to get to every American. He is a practicing Muslim of Syrian decent, a citizen and military veteran. He exposes the reasons why moderate voices aren’t coming forth to denounce the radicals. He is a voice of reason and understanding who is standing against the groups who want to see a religious controlled government. He also denounces those who want to destroy Israel and exposes the radical reasons why they do. (Goggle his name)

Dr, Jasser believes in the separation of mosque and state and spoken against the ideology of “political Islam” or Islamism. He also says “Anti-Semitism” is a growing threat to all faiths. Jasser says that all Muslim leaders need to oppose a ‘culture of separation’ in the Muslim community. This is exactly what happened in Europe and was one of the reasons the Paris attacks were easily hidden from authorities.

After attending Phoenix- area mosque for several years, he became disappointed that politics was being discussed from the mosques pulpits and was especially concerned about sermons that criticized the U.S. government policies and portrayed Muslims as victims.

There is so much more that Dr, Jasser has to say that is so critical to understanding the battle before us and how to fight it. He has been on the T.V. shows and testified before congress and his voice needs to be heard by every American.

In almost every conversation I have  with people about terrorism the topic gets around to the actions or inaction of our president. I get asked why do I think he is so soft on Islamic terrorism and won’t call it for what it is. I heard someone today point out that is reality the president is becoming an apologist for Islam and that is in violation of our constitution.  Our government is not suppose to favor or support one religion over another.

What do we think would be going on if this were Christians, Jews or any other terrorist group waging war in the name of their religion? The president and the press would be condemning, calling it for what it was and waging war on them from every side. I am reminded of Muslim friends out in the Arab world who have told me, your president has a leaning toward the Muslim faith we can see it in his actions.

I am being asked every week how can I help get the truth out?  One way we can help make a difference is to get the word out to our friends, neighbors and elected officials to listen to Dr Jasser and get involved. Let our elected officials and government leaders know they need to be educated by someone who really knows and is balanced and understands that radical Islam or Sharia law is not compatible with our American Constitution .

As I shared in my last post our future freedom is up to we the people being heard and directing our politicians and sharing about Dr. Jasser is one way to do that.  Together we can make a difference.

God bless you and may God Bless these United States of America.

Until next time be safe.