DATE LINE THE LEVANT: THE START. 9/2/2014                   This is where the beginning is for the take over of the world:

This map illustrates our close the countries are in the Middle East and how quickly  the threat can spread.

ISIL’s first target is not the United States or the West but their desire is to establish a base that will give them a safe haven to train and launch from.They now have large portions of both Iraq and Syria and their next goal is Saudi Arabia the seat of the two holy mosque. Saudi Arabia understands fully that they are the target and they are taking every action possible to stop them.


This is not a current event problem but goes back centuries and the ISIL mission is not to just establish a home land but to control the world and bring in the grand Caliph where they will control all Muslims of the world and anyone who won’t convert will be killed.

They have their own messianic view which comes from their belief in the 12th Iman who will come out to help them take over the world if they start a war to destroy Israel.  This is not a group of misfits who are on a terror spree but they are well organized, financed and equipped. They are serious and seem to have the complacency of a lot of the West working in their favor. What about us are we going to get serious about stopping them?

More later on the group.


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Here is the grand master of the world take over. Another one of those we held for a while and then decided he was not a threat.


James Foley Journalist

Here is the event that shocked the world. Most in the West haven’t been to concerned about what is going on in Iraq and Syria and probably a majority don’t want us to get involved. Most have thought that what goes on there doesn’t effect us so let them fight it out. But the cold hard truth is it will effect us and like 9-11 could come back to bite us with a vengeance.

Over the last weeks I have gotten request to give both open and closer briefings on ISIL and what we can expect here in the weeks and months ahead. As I have prepared for those events and more to come I am taking my 30 years of building relationships on the ground in the Middle East to bring forth an understanding of the current situation and what makes is different and more dangerous.

First leadership in the world in changing and we are not the leader of the free world with the events of the last few years to tear that position down. Last week with the beheading of James Foley the world want the U.S. to takes its position of being the but apparently other things were more important for our leader so thank God Prime Minister Cameron took on the role.

Prime Minister Cameron not only cut short his vacation, came back and took control and deliver a message to the world that he understands the danger that ISIL poses to all of us. He is quickly introducing new laws and controls to find and stop the hundred’s or perhaps thousands of Brits who are fighting with ISIL. What are we doing in the U.S.? Giving out conflicting reports and information and down playing the dangers to us.

Compare that to the message from Saudi Arabia King Abdullah whop over the weekend warned the U.S. and the West that if ISIL isn’t wiped out they can be in Europe in a month and the U.S. in two months. Saudi today arrested another group of 88 terrorist who were planning attacks in Saudi. Saudi is on full alert with troops on the border with Iraq and ready to repel ISIL.

I never expected to see the day when the Saudi King would be telling the West to get their counter terrorism prevention and forces in play to stop this evil.

The last thing I say in my briefings is the only hope for our country and the world is for each one of us to be become informed on what the facts are around the threat from ISIL and get that message to our leaders to act or if they don’t remove from office.

I will be posting more details about ISIL and its plans in the near future.

Until next time stay safe;