Saudi Arabia Crown Prince and minister of defense.

As the jets have pounded ISIS in Syria the Arabian Gulf countries have dropped more bombs then the US. Saudi Arabia has come out strong with going public about its involvement to speak to their domestic and world Muslim audience to make the case that are fighting Terrorist who happen to be Muslim but it is not Muslims in general but the ones who are terrorist.

Saudi Crown Prince Salman came out strong on the 84th celebration of the founding of Saudi Arabia by stating that they would move with urgency and determination to defeat terrorism. He pointed out that Saudis were proud of having the honor of serving Islam and Muslims world wide. He stated that Saudi would stand by the truth. It would not appease nor maneuver in its policies toward others. It would stand by right, even if it angered some.

The Prince lays out how Saudi Arabia has been in the front-line of the fight against terrorism from the start. It has successfully confronted the terrorists in its own midst. It is well understood that only continued vigilance will contain the threat. However, unlike the rigid bigotry of the men of violence, under Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, anti-terrorism policies have combined subtlety with firmness.

The crown prince’s determined stance toward ISIS was echoed in New York by Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal who said that Saudi Arabia would never hesitate to join in determined anti-terror operations and would remain at their forefront.

For the first time aircraft from the UAE and Bahrain joined Saudi planes in the first attack against ISIS in Syria, in a military operation that also involved Qatar. Prince Saud said that the Kingdom saw itself as the nucleus for an international coalition that would strike at and root out terrorism all over the world. What happened to the U.S?

The Prince went on to scold President Obama, like a school child, that this is indeed a time of crisis, when forthright action is needed. The key consideration is immediate action. It is clearly seen as unhelpful to analyze how the cancer of ISIS was able to spread with such alarming rapidity. Washington’s refusal to get involved in Syria and Obama’s fear of another Middle East entanglement are now a question for historians.

It must however be hoped that Washington and European states are drawing a lesson. Saudi Arabia has been prominent in advising its allies that their arm’s-length policies were misconceived. Among all countries, Saudi Arabia probably has the most thoroughgoing understanding of this scourge because it has been a victim of terrorism.

Now comes the price that Obama paid to get the Saudis to help when he failed to listen to them for the last year and a half. When the ISIS snake has been destroyed, Washington must lead the international community in restoring justice and peace in both Syria and Iraq. Russia is no longer an obstacle. The days of appeasing the Kremlin ended when its troops marched into Crimea.

There can be no more phony Geneva talks with the Assad government. The Syrian president must be made to understand that the force that the US has used against ISIS could be used against him unless he quits and goes into exile in Moscow. The biggest lesson is that the fight against terrorism cannot succeed completely unless it also addresses the issues which terrorist leaders have exploited to justify their hate-filled violence.

Now Mr Obama can you deliver on your part by ensuring that President Assad is gone from Syria. Do you understand what it will take to see that happen?

This speech and the leadership from Saudi is one I never expected to see happen in public at least but what has brought this on is the realization that they are front and center target for the terrorist who want toke over Saudi Arabia and the holy Muslim sites. More later,

Until next time Be Safe.