In this photo made from the footage taken from Russian Defense Ministry official web site, Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015, a Russian navy ship launches a cruise missile in the Caspian Sea. Russia's Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said four Russian navy ships in the Caspian launched 26 cruise missiles at Islamic State targets in Syria.(Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP)

Russian Navy firing cruise missiles into Syria. Some missed and landed in Iran. OPS


 As the stakes get higher, cruise missiles and Russian ground forces building up in Syria, we as a nation are been pushed to the side as our administration seems to be out of touch with the world living in their own fantasy land.

This reminds me of my first experiences in the Middle East during the Carter administration when America was being laughed at for being weak and indecisive and the “Bad Guys” were on the move attempting to gobble up the region. It seems as if human nature is the same when we have arrogant leaders who think they know more then those from the past who tried the same policies and failed. With this administration it is even worst then Carter.

After the election in 2008 many in the Middle East, leaders and Royal family’s, were cheering with great hope the election of President Obama. Two years later the same leaders were telling me “What Did You People Do electing Him” They saw that they would be the victims of a weak out of touch in-experienced leader who feels the government should rule and not the people.

We see the current situation in Syria with Russia taking over as not something new that they just decided to do but was a long time in coming. Before this President they wouldn’t have dared make the move even though they wanted the power and control that being the master of the Middle East would bring them. Like with Carter they saw an administration who would not face them down and Ukraine was a test where Obama and team failed. It was a green light for Putin.

One thing it shows us with the expanding military action by Russia is their firing of Cruise Missiles is not so accurate with some of them hitting their allay in Iran. OPS. They are trying to put a good spin on it. I think we will see more of the deficiencies of the Russian technology  as the war expands. They will be no match for the Israeli air force.

Backing up what I said two weeks ago the Russians are in Syria to stay.  Their temporary bases are being expanded and fortified to permanent bases with additional ground to air missile protections. Let no one be deceive Putin will be calling the shots in Syria not Bashar.

I go back to my first experiences in Northern Israel and Southern Lebanon in the 70’s as we worked against the PLO and their war against the Christians in Southern Lebanon and Israel. From files taken from terrorist training camps that were raided we found evidence of the KGB joining forces with the PLO to destabilize the region. The KGB had a bigger goal and that was the West. Both sides of this alliance had different end games but were willing to use each other to get to the end and then they each thought they would eliminate the other. That didn’t work out to well for either.

The old KGB master Putin hasn’t changed, he will use Bashar, Iran and others but you can be sure he intents to be the last one standing. I mentioned in my last post about the end times prophesies, even if you don’t believe in God, there is historical record here that can be proven. This record talks about Russia’s move into the Middle East and the record also talks about the U.S. at some point backing away from Israel. That has been impossible to image until this administration.

I have always been told that an intellectual person should not make a judgment unless they have read the record I hope if you are one of those you will check it out.

Russia is moving troops, they call them volunteers as they did in Ukraine, to support the Syrian army and  the revolutionary guard from Iran to retake lost Syrian territory. Some might think Putin doesn’t understand what this fight is really all about, I think he does but his quest for power and the problems at home are driving his ambitions in the region.

People are right when they say a military option alone will not stop this on going battle which has been going on since the birth of Islam. The fight started early in Islam not only against other religions but against each other as the split came and the Shiite sect was born. There cannot be peace until Islam makes peace within and then is willing to live in peace with the rest of the world.   

This is a time when each of us should be carefully watching events and reading and gaining knowledge on the past which will help predict the future. It has been said that a country cannot stand just on a strong military but also must have strong knowledge on what is going on around them so they can make good decisions for their military. Leaders must understand history and how a strong leader with a strong military who is wise can through strength not have to use the military.  Reading the new book “Killing Reagan” is a good look at a strong President who was also just a man.  We as a country are at a cross road.

I am keeping my ear to the ground in the Middle East and watching events carefully to not be caught unaware,  hopefully you will do.

Stay Safe.