Well here I am again at my morning coffee bean, I need to change my routine but i like it here and the people are great.

I have some important news, we will be posting our Terrorism Update in a few days. You will be intrigued by my c0- writer George Hassan who got out of Iran when he was 22 and he is releasing his 3rd book soon. He is a Muslim who has a very deep insight into Islamic terrorism and he will be sharing that with all of us. It will be a button on our Web site so be checking.

The real secret behind the recent problem in Gaza with the boat violence was as I reported, fostered by the Iran Radicals with the main purpose to break apart the alliance between Turkey and Israel particular to dismantle the listening post that Israel and Turkey have on the Iranian boarder. i will have more details in the Terrorism Update.

My team is off to France today to complete the details  for our UAV demo build  out, I am getting pressure from all over the world to move quickly.

We should always be vigilant as we travel and currently there is a high alert in the Persian Gulf for Americans traveling there since new Intelligence shows planning to hit any Americans that might be exposed. Just be cautious and use common sense as you move around.

Many of you have asked about the woman, Lyesel  in the pictures, she is the most amazing woman in the world and we will be married in September with a big reception in Los Angels in December. She will be my new side kick as I travel the world doing my part to make it a better place for all of us.

Be Safe I will report in later.  Golden Fox (aka Phil Little)