There is lots of bad news with all the stock market loses and this has taken the front page but the terror threat is still high.


They continue to be the masters of stall and playing as if they are willing to talk about their Nuke’s. They have jumped on the Russian band wagon and accepted Russia’s “step by step” proposal to resolve the nuclear deadlock. More talks, more stalls and one day in the not to distant future they will say no more talks needed we have our nuclear capability. Then what will the world do!


As they reduced the sentences for 84 terror convicts they said they had been model prisoners and deserved the reductions. What about the victims of these terrorist, their sentences are permanent and no reductions available.  Many of the terrorist who received the reductions had short sentences to begin with but the government said under Indonesia law they were entitled to the shorten sentences, maybe they need to change their laws.


Lasers for the private citizen to point out stars at night can become the terrorist weapon of choice. There are cases where the laser pointed at an airplane have caused the pilots to become temporarily blinded causing near cash situations. There were 1,494 reported cases in Britain alone last year it seems like it is only a matter of time until a major disaster. The potential terrorist are finding out how easy it is to pull off an attack without any exposure to themselves. This is another case of a piece of equipment meant for enjoyment being converted to an evil purpose. The question is what can be done about it.

Until the next time: Be Safe.