What is really going on in Syria and what is behind it?

Had a conversation with a Syrian contact on the ground there today who has a different take then what we read in the press. This contact says it is payback for the Saudis coming to Bahrain’s defense when Iran was fostering the upraising there. The contact says the real problem is coming down to the centuries old fight between the Sunni and Shiite groups and is about establishing a religious repressive regime in Syria. Iran is behind the scenes stirring up the masses to rise up and for them it is a win win no matter what the outcome.

Those in the West who think they can deal with the Muslim Brother Hood if they get power are living on the wrong planet.  With the path our country has taken since the last election and with the melt down underway in Europe my optimism for change that will give citizens real hope and opportunity is diminishing. But we need to keep the faith and remember the power of Pray.

Till next time be safe: