The violence of the world continues unabated. It is hard to believe that anyone would say that there isn’t good and evil.

Head lines today:  3 terror suspects arrested in Norway as they planned attacks in UK and US.

Iraq: Suicide bomber kills 6 in Baghdad.

56 killed, over 100 injuries in MOHMAND PAKISTAN ATTACK

The press is finally reporting what some of us know: That the worlds most open secret is that the Middle East Arab countries fear a nuclear Iran as much or more then Israel. Some can’t believe that the Arab countries would support Israel in an attack on Iran but to really understand what the real situation is go to George Hassan’s report on our Terrorism Update and you will understand why the Sunnis of the Muslim world fear the radical Shiite’s.

It is important that we Americans understand what the real situation is in the Middle East.

Be safe:  Golden Fox

(aka phil little)