This is the city next to Universal City and the famed Universal Studios. But my life is real not fiction. What a great day, beside being my birthday, I just got off Skype with my one and only sweet heart and wife to be. She had found this great happy birthday song on U-Tube, it made my day. Thank you Baby Doll.

As we prepare to relaunch our daily terrorism update I was thinking about all my years in traveling the world looking for bad guys. I have been to many for corners of the world and there is one thing that is consistent, there are great people every where and when we get to the basics of life, we are all the same, need and want the same things from life. Safety, security, good job, able to provide for our families, and to live with hope for a better future for our children. Why then is there such  violence in the world. I think it sums up to a few people in every situation taking control and manipulating the masses, as with the current Islamic violence.

Starting in 1977 with my first trip to Lebanon and developing deep relationship that still last today, to the last 5 years in the Persian Gulf, I have been moved by the deep family ties I have developed in the Gulf. From Samir, Zabin, Mohammed, Abdul Rahman, and many others have effected my life for all time. There is not an ounce of violence or condoning it, in any way in any of them. I have been impressed by the values that my Saudi friends have and live out. My friend Mohammed in Riyadh, from one of the power family’s, puts family and friends first. So much that many of the Morning’s of the week he moves all the expensive cars from their parking spaces in the family compound and set’s up tables and serves breakfast to those in need. And Mohammed is there himself, that is the character of the man.

Lets remember our fight is not with the Muslim but with a few who call themselves Muslim who are using the religion for their own power take over. I will comitt to try and keep you informed through our terrorism update so you can put the right people in office in your country.

Remember if violence is being used to promote a cause you know it is UNJUST so run for away from it. Stand against it, let your voice of reason ring out.

Be safe in your part of the world.  Golden Fox (aka Phil Little)