There is to much going on to put in this blog so I will give you an over view. Be watching our site for the first addition of our Terrorism Update we will go into more detail in the issues.

Sides are being taken in the Persian Gulf with most coming down on the side of the good guys. Saudi Arabia published their Fatwa against Terrorism, the moral of this Fatwa is don’t try to kill one of us, and they will be expanding their counter terrorism war. This will include those who fund it even if they are in the Royal Family. Very good news.

But don’t count the Yemen’s out. They have formed a new woman’s elite Counter Terrorism force. This is not window dressing, these women train along side the men and in some cases the female officers command the men. At this point there are 42 of them with more in training and that training is in hand to hand combat and AK-47S. I am going to visit them in the future. See the picture of their squad.

Be watching carefully the events in the Gulf as the count down to hit Iran goes on. I think the result might be very different then what is reported in the press. The left leaning press would like us to believe that it will be world war 3 if Israel hits Iran’s nukes but I think with the Gulf States behind Israel and the Saudi Fatwa it could temper the so called back lash. Be watching .

Be Safe .Golden Fox

(aka phil little)