Servicemen salute as they stand amongst the ceramic poppies that form part of the art installation "Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red", during an Armistice Day ceremony at the Tower of London


On this Veteran’s Day it is a good time to reflect on why we have been a safe free country since our founding. Thank you to all who have served. It is also a good time to reflect on how we got to the present state of world affairs and how we can get our country and the world back on track.

Last weeks elections was a good start but there is more to be done. We must come to the understanding that it is only with superior knowledge and a robust military that we can survive in a violent world with different values then ours.

I have seen first hand the dismantling of effective preventive programs over the last six years that would have prevented many of the violent things going on around the world. Couple that with  a weak indecisive leader who is anti military and we are set up for the bad guys to take over where we have left a vacuum and they have done it in quick fashion.

Now to China today and with Mr. Putin in attendance. Putin didn’t seem overly concerned by his supposedly being sidelined with the sanctions that have been placed on him and Russia. In fact China and Russia are working together to destabilize the dollar and are buying up all the Gold they can get their hands on.  Mr Obama is playing with the “A team” who are playing him like a pawn. You could see the lack of respect from the Chinese officials and the president came off being  angry and sullen.

I posted about the terrorist being arrested in Peru setting up a terrorist cell to strike at Jewish targets and move terrorist to the U.S. through our porous southern border. But it wasn’t U.S. Intelligence out in front of this it was Israel’s Mossad who tipped off the Peruvian authorities and who are fully aware of the efforts to infiltrate our Southern Borders. Where are we? What is our Government thinking?

I have been in touch with our operatives in Mexico and further south and they say if the President enacts amnesty the assault on our borders will make the thousands of minors who came look small. The cartels and traffickers are already recruiting and taking deposits, they are that certain of the lack of understanding the President has.

I have wondered a lot about the motivation of the left and their utter disregard for our laws pushing to get millions of illegal’s legal. What is behind it and are they willing to sell the safety of Americans down the river to get a voting block to try and l keep them in power. What a dangerous game they are playing, and much of the world can see it but they are blinded with power in their eyes.

The administration actions on secret contacts with Iran has further damaged the relationship with allies and friends. Do they not understand the terms Sunni and Shiite and that they are battling each other. So we push Saudi Arabia into helping us strike ISIS who is Sunni, very radical, and then go to Saudi Arabia’s enemy Iran to try to make a deal with them on their Nuclear program to help us with ISIL and they are Shiite who are supporting Syria and Hezbollah both enemies of Saudi.

This is just the tip of the ice berg, its gets more mind boggling. Where are the experts on the Middle East in the administration or is it they just don’t care, for they march to their own drum beat.

Where is a robust neutral media digging out the facts and reporting to the American people. God help us and God Bless America.

Until next time be safe.