images Saudi Arabia terrorist caught or will be soon.

One thing we can be sure of is when King Abdullah draws a red line for the terrorist to change or be hunted down he means it and this latest trial backs it up. It is one in a long line of arrest and prison terms.

Some times I wonder if having a lot of experience on the ground in the Middle East and under standing history both bible and historical is a blessing or curse.  When I watch what is going on in Washington with this administration and how they are setting the country up for failure I am dumb founded at what they don’t know about the region or history.

The difference with our current leaders and Saudi Arabia is when Saudi realized they were targets they started and haven’t stopped a campaign against the terrorist to win.  Yes to win and that is why I noted in my blog yesterday the comments of the Iranian President on winning.

The terrorist sentenced today are part of a 29 member cell and part of their activity was planning attacks in foreign countries so perhaps we can thank the Saudis for doing their job before they got here. This group adopted the Takfiri ideology which violates the Quran and were active in planning attacks.

I am concerned with our political correctness here that we aren’t aggressively going to the source of the recruitment which is in mosque in the U.S. In Saudi Arabia they are not allowing the terrorist to continue with the mosque as cover. Shouldn’t we be doing the same.

My concern is with the current dovish and anti-war administration they will get us in a situation in Iraq that we can’t win and then pull out and leave a victory yes a big victory to ISIS. Far fetched? Look at the last 6 years, I wish and hope I am wrong but history does have a way of repeating itself particular when the leaders thing they are smarted then history.

Until next time be Safe: