New Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef

I am reporting from the ground in Saudi and for those who think it is always 125 degrees here, it is not with a beautiful day in the 60″s actually the weather pattern here is much like southern Calif. except hotter in the summer

              Riyadh hotel with the spectacular design

I am ask all the time about safety for Americans here with all the terrorist coming from here and they don’t like Americans. So lets have a 101 course on Saudi American relations. First I feel safer in Riyadh then in down town Los Angeles at night and the truth is a for the most part people here love Americans and are grateful for all we have done to help them develop their country. I am received like family and have developed close family relationship here.

Second Saudi Arabia has become Americas biggest partner in fighting terrorism. Under the Direction of the now Interior Ministry Prince Mohammed bin Nayef they have not only struck at the heart of the terrorist activity here but follow it out of here and in turn have helped America and other countries stop attacks on their soil. They realize what we don’t that if you don’t stamp it out at the source it will keep coming and will in time overwhelm your country. WE WOULD DO WELL TO LEARN FROM THEM.

King Abdullah has been a gift to the world by his leadership and view for the future of Saudi Arabia and this area. One thing I first noticed about him after becoming King was his care for his people particular children. You can judge the character and heart of a man by those tracts. His choice for Interior Minster, after his father died, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef is also that type of man. If you believe in pray, pray for long life for both these men, the future and stablity of this region and in a great sense the world  will come from their leadership. More on this in later posts.

Saudi leaders understand the importance of prevention, the best equipment and training. In response to their request I am here showing then the latest breakthrough in body armor and a water craft that will be very effective for operations in this area.

It is very unfortunate that most Americans are so uninformed on this part of the world I would encourage all of you to visit this area and see for your self and become part of the solution by getting the word out on what the real situation here is. Many at the highest levels in Washington don’t get it so it not surprising that the normal citizen doesn’t.

The highest tensions come from Iran’s continued pursuit of the Nuclear bomb and the threat that it would pose to the other countries here not just Israel. I will be back in the East after the meetings in Riyadh to access more from where you can see across the water to Iran.

Until next time Be Safe.

Phil Little