The Arab Spring: Can It happen in Saudi Arabia? Not likely. Read below…

                                 King Abdullah

We have heard much about the countries with the so called “Arab Spring” and there is much debate about the effects, is it positive or negative? For what I have seen I see more negative then positive. Yes many of the countries, if not all, had leaders who were abusing their power and needed to be replaced but at what cost? Can you call the Arab Spring positive as many do when what the countries are winding up with is worst then what they were over throwing.

It has been interesting to watch the countries, particular the United States, applaud the take over by terrorist and Israel destroying groups who also want to enslave the very people who put them in power. Because of the left leaning bent of the US government and many others we can expect to see more terrorist groups emboldened to start a civil war knowing that the deceived leaders of many countries will cheer them on.

What about the countries of the Arabian Gulf? Do they have to fear unrest, like Iran tried to foster in Bahrain? And if their is unrest who will the United States and other leaders support?

I have been thinking about this question and an article in the Saudi Gazette caused me to consider that the likely hood of this unrest being in Saudi Arabia is very low. Why? Due to King Abdullah’s leadership and the man he is. This article was titled  “A day in the life of King Abdullah” and they interviewed his son Prince Miteb Bin Abdullah. One of the things that stood out to me was the Love that the King has for the Saudi people, which I have seen first hand, and as he prays he first prays for the people before his family. And in return the people of Saudi Arabia love him.

His care and concern goes well beyond just talk for he puts into action things to help his people in tangible ways that helps to meet their daily needs.

Prince Miteb goes on the say: There are people who love their leader, and there are leaders who love their people and dedicate their life to serving them. King Abdullah is the leader for whom his nation and people are the main priorities.

It would seem the United States and others in the West should take note and realize they should give every support the King needs to keep his country safe and free from those who would foster rebellion. It is time we treat our friends as friends all the time not just when it is convenient for us.

Remember every terrorist we stop and help others stop will mean that we will save lives at home.

I encourage you to become informed on what is going on around the world and let your voice be heard to your politicians tell them to support our friends around the world.

Until next time Be Safe:

Phil Little