2014-635547066455606625-560Saudi & Qatar representatives meet with General EL-SiSi Of Egypt

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah keeps up His Leadership role in bringing together the Gulf States and Egypt as there security is all tied together. King Abdullah has become convinced with the past actions of the American Administration that they will be on there own if under attack. He is also concerned that the West will crave in to the demands of Iran and that Iran will wound up with a nuclear bomb and that as Iran’s neighbor they will be targets.

King Abdulalh is taking many actions to slow down and stop Iran from getting the bomb. One of the steps is the drop in oil prices which is hitting Iran and Russia very hard and is going to get worse. Some see the possibility of the price dropping to as low as $20 a barrel and what ever happens this is going to be a long term problem. It won’t be solved in a few weeks or months.

Another step that the King has taken is increasing ties with Israel and doing preparations for a joint strike on Iran if needed. They know that they won’t be able to depend on the U.S. at least with the current administration.

Another  step is to bring Qatar and Egypt back together by setting up a meeting between President El-Sisi and Qatari and Saudi representative and it has reportedly resulted in positive steps towards reconciliation between the Qatari and Egyptian governments, according to a statement released by Saudi Arabia.

On Saturday El-Sisi met with special envoys from the king of Saudi Arabia and the emir of Qatar in Cairo, as a part of the Saudi Arabian initiative to reduce tensions between Egypt and Qatar.

A statement released by the Saudi palace on Saturday evening said that both countries “had accepted the Saudi initiative, understanding that it is in the interest of the two countries and their peoples,” and had agreed to “cease doing things which create rifts between the two country.”

“Saudi Arabia values the steps taken by the two countries which will strengthen the relationships between Egypt and Qatar, one of which is today’s visit of the special envoy of the emir of Qatar.”

The relationship between the two states has been strained since the 2013 ouster of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, who had been backed by Qatar.

The Qatari statement added that the Emir of Qatar had initiated the Saturday meeting, sending his special envoy to meet with the Egyptian president, who received him very generously. The Amir said that they stand by the brotherly Arab republic of Egypt and that Qatar’s security is connected to Egypt’s security.

“Qatar, which cares about Egypt’s leading role in the Arab and Islamic world, seeks strong bilateral relations and mutual efforts to develop Egypt which will be in the interest of the peoples of both countries,” the statement concluded.

They discussed an agreement signed at a conference in Riyadh in November which obliges all Gulf Cooperation Council countries to support Egypt and work to enhance its security and stability.

A spokesman for El-Sisi said that Egypt is looking forwards to a new era beyond the disagreements of the past to keep up with the current critical phase which Arabs are experiencing.

El-Sisi called onto all media persons and thinkers to collaborate within the reconciliation initiative to make progress in Egyptian-Qatari relations.

As we duck making hard decisions on preventing attacks, such as taking the lone wolf problem seriously, on us the Europeans and Saudi are taking preventive steps and preparing for offensive actions if needed.

Getting knowledge is the answer for all of us to become part of the solution in our country.

Until next time Be Safe.