Muhammad Amadar suspected terrorist in Peru

Peruvian authorities arrested a man that they say belonged to Hezbollah and was reported planning attacks on Jewish targets.

The infrastructure that he was building was meant to be used for attacks against Western targets and for attempts to smuggle weaponry to the United States using some of the channels that for years have been built through Mexico to the United States.

Peruvian security forces found materials for the production of military-grade explosives, detonators, TNT explosives and gunpowder in Muhammad Amadar’s apartment

Amadar, who was arrested on Monday, has already gathered intelligence on Israeli and Jewish targets, including the Israeli Embassy in Lima, Chabad houses and Jewish community centers.

He was living in Lima’s Surquillo neighborhood, close to the neighborhood that houses the Israeli Embassy and the homes of the Israeli diplomats.

In his interrogation, Amadar denied having any ties to Hezbollah and claimed he was on his way to the US, to meet with his Peruvian-American wife.

Peru’s Interior Minister Daniel Urresti issued an official statement saying a man with ties to an “international terror organization” was arrested following intelligence information. An arrest warrant was issued by the Third National Criminal Court for Organized Crime.

According to reports in Peru, the terror cell Amadar put together is linked to Hezbollah’s vast network in the Triple Border area between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, where there’s a large Arab population.

This is another example of how exposed we are with open southern borders where it is easy for any one to come into the country. The methods established over the years by the terrorist groups in association with drug cartels are effective and they have been used in the past and will continue to be used until we decide to close our borders by our decision or from a major attacks on our people. God forbid that to happen.

Until next time be safe: