imagesOne of the many images as Saudi Arabia deports millions over the last months.

Most countries when faced with issues of illegals in their country see it for the threat that it is. There are many potential threats from having people in your country when you don’t know who they are and where they are at.

The first and most important threat is criminal or in this day and age terrorism, then comes the common criminal, then all the economic threats from lost jobs and under ground black market. In some of the countries such as Saudi there is the threat of government overthrow.

As we look at how Saudi reacted when they realized they had a major problem to how our government is acting. Saudi has millions of guest workers and they have tight controls over the process and after they come to the country. But even with this tight guest worker program last year they realized they had millions who were in the country illegally so they decided to act.

They realized not to act or to provide deferred amnesty, as the president proposes to do here was not an option or them. The threat to their national security and the future of their country was at stake so they took actions to bring protection to their country while at the same time protecting legal guest workers which they need desperately. You can have both secure borders and a guess worker program.

They made an announcement to all the country giving all workers in the country 5 months to report themselves and obtain legal work status. As this was progressing they set in motion the security protocol to deal with any who didn’t. Hundreds of thousands did turn themselves in but many more didn’t even though Saudi extended it for 4 more months to give them time.

The Saudi’s approach was humane and fair and gave all the time to become legal. Many through chose not to but in this case Saudi, unlike the U.S., drew the red line in sand and when the time expired they started the round up of hundreds of thousands and deported them. The equivalent in a country our size in relation to Saudi would be millions deported.  Saudi has found a way to balanced their acute need for expat workers with the security of their country and having secure borders.

The results of this action also has sent the message to all who would try to slip into the country illegal and stay that you will be caught and expelled.

I realize we are a country of immigrants, I am one, but it has to be legal immigrants. What has happen to our arms of compassion to the world? The bad guys who want to over throws our way of life is using the free entry that we now have agaisnt us and if they should gain power be sure they will quickly seal the borders.

The recent disclosures about the deception and lies around Obama care show how the elites in power in Washington think they are smarter then all the rest of us including other countries who we could learn from.

From a security stand point our country can never be safe and secure with out having secure and protected borders. Fortunately we still have the power to change the people in control in Washington and that is our only hope with now the new congress and in 2016 a new President who will take serious the need to first secure the border then over haul our immigration system.

Until next time Be Safe;