The events in the world cause me to reflect:

I was reflecting on my early days in law enforcement in the high desert of California and how much the world has changed. The change from when I would step between 2 big guys with knifes ready to go at each other or a few of us would meet the Hells Angels 75 strong  at the top of the Cajon Pass and turn them around and send them back, all without drawing a weapon. Now the violence has increased to killing for all kind of excuses and what we in the West are missing is that you can’t appease killers, they only respect power.


We in the West can learn from Saudi Arabia who when they saw they were targets they went after the terrorist with a vengeance, I witnessed some of the interrogations they weren’t brutal but they were effective. Many think of Saudi as if they are all terrorist but I can tell you first hand that is not true. We can thank King Abdullah for being a true friend of the US as he not only has gone after the operators but those in the Royal family who support them. Saudi has become our biggest ally in fighting terrorism.


Our beating the terrorist is also about educating the citizens so they can direct politicians to get our of the way of preventive law enforcement which I have been doing since the early 80’s with the battle to destroy PDIP. It was mobilizing citizens that kept Intelligence gathering in LA.

Not only have I focused on ground operations and building sources but on speaking in all kinds of ventures from media, civic and government clubs to closed door law enforcement briefings to bring knowledge so people can be empowered. Keep the faith we can beat them.

Until next time be safe