To Little to late unless Obama and Group let the military assets we have go in and get the ISIS leaders.


ththDelta Force, the army’s Seal Team 6, showed what we can do if the politicians would get out of the way. This was the kind of actions that were taken hundreds of times in Iraq and Afghanistan and helped in our successes there.

This is only the second time Obama and team have allowed the military to act even though, according to inside sources, there have been hundreds of request go up the chain of command.

The sad reality is that our troops would never had to be put in harms way if we had leaders who kept the proper forces in Iraq and not allowed ISIS to build and become the evil they are.

I am not sure what is driving the decisions by the administration but if it is their goal to show the world how weak and meek we can be they are doing that, but the sad reality is they are allowing hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children to be slaughtered.

Many of those innocent’s are Christians and the silence from Obama and team is deafening and at some point they will be held accountable for their utter discard for human life.

Even being very late to act as a veteran and operations guy my heart leaped with pride at the Delta team and there success. Not one American was injured even in hand to hand combat with the terrorist using woman and children as shields. Much of the hand to hand combat came about as the Delta team tried to avoid killing woman and children something the Islamist Terrorist didn’t care about.

I am an optimist and believe int he power of one to still make a difference but with this administration I ave lost hope. Our only hope is to elect a Command In Chief in 2016 who understands the battle before us and is ready to lead us to victory.

God Bless America.

Until next time be safe.