Israel Mulls Training Syria Militants with Saudi Arabia


Even with all my years on the ground in the Middle East I didn’t expect a headline like this. I believe this is a direct response to the US administration fumbling responses to our ally’s needs. 

Israeli Chief of Staff Benny Gantz briefed General Martin Dempsey on the plans underway to link with Saudi Arabia to train militants in Syria fighting the government. Gantz assured  General Dempsey that they could deal with the radical elements, such as AL-Qaeda, and their trying to to get a foot hold in Syria and Lebanon.

General Dempsey said the cooperation between countries that before was impossible is now possible. Military officials said the cooperation would also include intelligence-sharing and counter-terrorism exercises.

Syria is at the center of the battle for control and Russia and Iran both have a lot at stake. Russia has bet the farm and so for are winners to gain a deeper foot hold in the region  for they need the warm water port they have in Syria. Iran needs Syria to keep Hezbollah armed and capable of striking Israel .

A lot hangs in the balance and with the US with drawl from being the world leader and letting its friends go it alone, have forced this unusable alliance among long time enemies. But they realize if the chips are down they cannot depend on the US for help. Who would of thought we would come to this!

Keep your eye on this region as things are changing daily.

Until next time be safe: