Can we trust the White House on the selection of target on the capture or kill list?

John Brennan pictured above has moved to take charge and guide the selection of the targets for the capture/kill list and for the drone strikes. Do we want a political play in this very important function which in the past has been handled by defense department and intelligence agencies. Might the election year have anything to do with Obama’s decision to take control of this function at the beginning of the selection instead of the end. In the past the process was completed and the targeted vetted and had gone through the various agencies reviews before being added to the list. The CIA has its own process and kill list but many names overlap on the Pentagon list but the last stop for both list is the President. Currently there are about 24 names on the capture/kill list and this is normally the number of people on the list as names are taken off and added.

While being a very proactive person when it comes to preventive strikes on terrorist I also am a stronger supporter of making sure we get it right when we add a name to a kill list. If we get casual about the process then where does that stop when a conversation is overheard involving an American, we don’t want this list to ever become a political tool and this is something we prevent before it occurs not after we have bodies to bury.

Stay informed, be involved and part of the solution.

Until next time be safe.   Phil Little