It is a beautiful day in Southern Calif and here I am at Cross Creek at the ocean with the “Beautiful people” at least some are. This is kind of pulling back from the real world that most of us live in to watch the rich and famous have their time in the sun. It does bring back memories watching the little kids play on the swings and remember when Nikki my daughter was 2 and we brought her here.

A lot is happening in the world. I was interested to here in the press today over the Persian Gulf, a report that Saudi Arabia had given clearance to Israel to use their air space for an attack to take out Iran’s nuke’s. I had known this for some time and I am surprised that it leaked, maybe by design.  They  have run test’s to make sure they can clear a flight path for the Israeli jets. The stakes just got higher and the time table has been shortened. Be alert.

Be informed this November election in the states is crucial, we have to clean house in Washington and get people who will make the hard choices to get our country back on line. The test of who you vote for should be, do they support the constitution as written by our fore fathers and will they run this country like we have to run our family’s and business’s. That is live with in our means, we can’t spent more then we make.

The picture is in Bahrain putting together the deal for our Helicopter dealership Hawk Eye Helicopters, which will operate in the Gulf from Bahrain and will be the base unit for our UAV helicopter.

More to come this week stay tuned.   Be safe Golden Fox (aka Phil Little)