Saudi Arabia donates 10 million:                                                        

Saudi Arabia will donate $10 million for a new counter-terrorism center at U.N. headquarters in New York to help built a more collective effort to fight terror attacks.

King Abduallah has been a stronger supporter of counter terrorism efforts is his own country and around the world. The looking the other way changed for Saudi several years ago when the attacks started within Saudi Arabia and it became apparent it wasn’t just the West who were targets but the country which is considered the seat of the Muslim faith. Over the last years Saudi Arabia under King Abduallah has become the strongest international partner that the US has in the fight against terrorism. The King would like to do more but he has to do a balancing act to keep the hard liners in check and still effectively support the US and others in the fight.

Most in the world don’t appreciate the gift that King Abduallah has been as a leader who cares about his people and one who wants to see progress made in opening up his own country and stopping the violence that is used in the name of religion. The people that understand his importance are praying for a long life for him so more can be done. Many of his efforts over the last few years have been directed at building a base of change that can’t be changed by who ever might follow him. His expansion of the group that selects the king was part of this move to bring in younger and more moderate voices.

Those who follow the events in Saudi have watched with interest the career and upward movement of Prince Mohammed bin Nayef who is still in his 50’s and is favorite of King Abduallah. bin Nayef is the son of Prince Nayef who has been the Interior Minister of Saudi since 1975 and Prince Nayef is the half brother of the King. Even through the King has many sons he has elevated bin Nayef and given him the prime responsibility of protecting the Kingdom and bringing a stop to terrorist attacks. He has been very effective at this job while being targeted in several attempts on his life. His name is being tossed around has a possible King candidate in the not to distant future. That would be a great move for the citizens of Saudi and for the rest of the world. Time will tell and remember what happens in Saudi will effect us here either positively or negatively and the chances of it being positive are very high with bin Nayef.

Stay informed, stay involved.  Until next time Be Safe.  Phil