A hot line with this guy:

The US favorite hot line contact

There is talk of installing a hot line with Iran so we can ask Iran’s President Ahmadinejad to kindly not have his speed boats make mock or trial runs on our ships in the Gulf. This is just one more step in the play book of Iran to gain more international prestige and position. Will we ever learn, I think the best deterrent would be to shoot them out of the water when they make threatening runs on our ships. Recently the Brits fired on one of the patrols boats who was coming at one of their ships. Lets get tough instead of following their play book  and use some new plays of our own.

The British Terrorism units arrested a number of terror suspects over the weekend as they prepared for new attacks. England continues to be a target as they have the local groups who have been trained in terror training camps. England continues to be the target country of choice because they are easier to get to and have a much larger radical population then we do. Some have wondered why England is more of a target then France, Germany or other European countries and I think England is because they are more closely tied to the US and it is this English language tie that makes them the next best target to the US.

For any who think terrorism is not personally look at this picture of a young woman who allowed her picture to be taken and posted to show the very personal part of terrorism and there are many who are more horrific then this one. Lets renew our commitment to stand up against this evil called terrorism no matter who commits it.

Until nest time, Be Safe.   Phil