Abbas and his bid for UN recognition:                                                                              

Has all the talk about demanding the UN accept the Palestine Authority as a full member, in Abbas appearance next week, just been a bargaining chip in the Middle East game of politics. It is being reported today that Abbas has been working behind the scenes with Tony Blair who has been at the center of intensive diplomatic efforts to keep the Palestinians from going to the UN. This proposal is just another step to buy more time and calls for a minimum of six months for both sides to try and come to an agreement on parameters for talks. Will six months make any difference when to date this hasn’t been possible.

Part of this extension of time is based on Israel to stop implementing unilateral actions regarding settlements, in exchange for Palestinians fulfilling their security obligations. We could note that in the past this has been something the Palestinians haven’t been able to do and probably won’t be able now no matter what Israel does.         

My take on all of this when looking at the past history of many years is that somehow the status quot will continue until some one, like Iran, gets the ability through Nuclear weapons to start their holy war to bring the return of their 12th Imam who they believe will set up a world Islamic government.  As long as the US stands with Israel it puts a shield around them that most countries who want to see them eliminated won’t attempt to go against. But if the US through weak leadership or a president who is anti Israel then all bets are off and we could see a confrontation come sooner then later.

If we as Americans want to really see world peace then we need to stay engaged in running our country by electing the people to national offices who will maintain our strong position in the world and one who stands by its friends. For those who don’t believe in war in any situation then how we avoid that is by having a strong military which is the greatest war prevention effort we can do.

Stay engaged, stay involved and we can change America back to what it was founded to be.

Until next time Be Safe.    Phil