MEXICO: Action Point Monterrey.

A few days ago the drug cartels up the stakes in what used to be a safe and peaceful part of Mexico. In a recent poll  over 90% of Monterrey residents said they feared for their safety. As word comes out that the attack was in retaliation for the club owners not paying protection to the Zetas, Monterrey citizens are calling for government action . The arrest today of five suspects, with one of them confessing to the reason for the  attacks, has raised an out cry by the citizens and thousands have marched in Monterrey demanding that the government act against the drug cartels.

As President Calderon declared three days of morning for the  victims he used the word terrorism and terrorist, which he has not used not wanting to elevate the status of the cartels. Across Mexico the cries are raising for action  that really works to put the cartels out of business. President Calderon is trying to use this event to gain support for his action plans against the cartels, a policy that some call disjointed.

The big is question is will this event be the straw that breaks the camels back and cause real change?

I have spent over 30 years working in Mexico with many close friends in the country and my heart cries out for peace and safety for all Mexican citizens. We have a relationship with Mexico like no other country with so many cross ties of families and of course our “open” border. I understand the reason people from Mexico want to come here for most it is a way to feed and clothe their families and provide a better future. Why is this action by the Mexican citizen necessary? The  failure is on the part of the government and the history of Mexico which doesn’t provide opportunities for its citizens. Why don’t they? One over riding reason is the deep corruption with a few at the top raking in millions and they want it to continue.

It becomes much easier for the Mexican government to push for easy access to the states for their citizens so they can wire billions every year into the Mexican economy. So they meddle in our immigration affairs. Mexican Government fix your problems at home.

Fixing the Mexican economy and for that matter fixing the U.S. economy is not going to be easy and without hardships. The alternative to not trying and making the hard choices is complete collapse and we becoming an easy target for one party or dictator form of government.

You might ask how does the Mexican drug wars and the violence there fit into the fight against terrorism? The simple answer is look at what the violence is doing in Mexico, destroying a country and making it an easy target for takeover. The same objective lies in the mind of the terrorist, use violence to create a breakdown of society and set up the country for take over.

The answer, become informed and get involved. 2012 is coming and what happens in the election will either give us hope or drive us to despair.

Until next time Be Safe.    Phil