The Day After:

The names of those we lost

Over the last week we have seen the destruction from 10 years ago as we prepared for the anniversary day on the 11 th. Many marveled at how lucky we have been to not have experienced another major attack. I think there are several reasons that we have been spared. The first and for most was the action of our former President Bush and his actions toward prevention and bringing our federal agencies to work closer together on prevention. Our military and intelligence agency actions have taken a heavy toll on the terrorist but we have also had some luck and ineptness by the potential terrorist with their bombs not going off. Lucky for us.

We have heard over and over that we have to be right every time the terrorist only has to be right one time that is why our preventive tools have to keep expanding not shrinking as they have under the current President. The next year is a very dangerous time as our election cycle goes into full swing and the eye is on re-election not terrorism prevention. Much of the talk we hear about it will be lip service meant to develop a base to get reelected. Hopefully the American people will see through the political games, and as some say “Throw the Bums Out”.

As we start toward year 11 lets remember to pray for the families that lost loved ones and for our nation that it will turn back to God who led our founders to come here and establish this Greatest Nation on Earth.

Until next time, Be Safe.  Phil