I am back on the ground in LA. I am fighting to stay in the Saudi “Mode” that is don’t get stressed about anything. I am ready to go back the Gulf, the picture attached says why. This is the most amazing woman in the world and we will be married soon. I have chased bad guys and terrorist my whole life but this woman has caught me. I love it and her. Now back to business. We are back to Paris next week for the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Expo) we are getting requests from all over the world for our unit we want to be in full production before the year ends. I am not sure how long we have before the Gulf explodes with all the players in the region being certain that it isn’t if only when Israel hits Iran’s nuke’s. Israel is in an impossible situation if they don’t act, they are done and if they do, who knows? Hopefully someone can pin point the nuke locations in Iran so they can be neutralized. Our first UAV model is the “Screaming Eagle” and our next generation Turbine model is the “Silent Eagle” My Daughter came up with the Screaming Eagle. Our helicopter dealership in the Gulf is Hawk Eye helicopters a name that my close friend and partner Samir came up with.

Well it is Saturday night and time for a movie I will check in later with you. Be safe Golden Fox (aka Phil Little)