Happy New Year!!!

Many have contacted me about our updates, so we are back on line.

The last four months have been busy with a focus on Africa as we work on some of the scams originating from there.

The Counter Terrorism work in the Arabian Gulf continues after the holiday slow down, some progress is being made while we are in the middle of the continuing war on terror.

One thing we all need to be aware of is all the scams coming from certain countries in Africa. Ghana has become the base for Gold and Diamond scams. The approach is the one we should always run from as it promises that you can make huge profits by buying cheap product from the suspects.

The suspects are very professional and they have fooled a lot of very smart people. Our investigations have uncovered victims in the U.S. and throughout Europe; some have lost millions of dollars. We are working aggressively with international agencies to bring these suspects to justice.

If you know anyone who may have been a victim, please have them contact us and we can determine if we can help them. More than likely we can.

We are starting a blog that will specifically deal with the Ghanaian problem. Look for it to be up later this week; also we will have information on our web site.

Have a safe year and we will communicate again soon.

Phil Little